Tuesday, 24 January 2012



So this is my first ever blog. I've never really been interested in doing anything like this but as an extra incentive to achieve my objective, I decided to do one - to "put it out there" so that I stay on track.

What objective?

Well - I've been commuting to work by bicycle now for 3 years - and some time ago, I decided I wanted to do some longer cycle routes...but I've never really done anything about it - having the biggest distance I've done come in at around 25 miles.

So then I discovered the C2C Cycle Route - a route that takes you across some of my favourite countryside - The Lake District. It goes from Whitehaven in North West England to Tyneside in North East England across the Lake District and the Penines for a total distance travelled of 140 miles (which I plan to do over 3 days - what? There are some BIG hills around there!!). So I bought the C2C Guide Book and it inspired me to do it.

Now I was going to do it myself, but Sharon (my wife) suggested I invite my friend David Blackmore to do it with me. When we discussed it, he said he'd do it - on the condition that I lose 4 stone. I should inform you now that I'm a rather hefty 20 stone and have been for some time...and it's recently been fluctuating just under and just over that.

I should also mention here I'm not sure if he wanted me to lose the weight because he was too embarrassed to be seen with me, whether he was concerned for my health or indeed whether he was concerned that if I didn't lose the weight, he'd be completing it on his own! Regardless - I agreed - and this is one of the reasons for the blog - to post on here so he can see my progress.

As if that wasn't enough - I decided I needed an extra push - so I decided in a moment of weakness (perhaps!) that I would do it for charity - and so I created a Just Giving page here. The charity I decided to do it for is a local charity - St Helena's Hospice. They are a local charity in Colchester and do some fantastic work - at great expense and rely quite a bit on charity and fundraising events.

So - that's that. In August, I'll be 4 stone slimmer, I'll be fit enough to cycle 140 miles over some pretty hilly terrain over 3 days and St Helena's Hospice will have some money to help with their excellent work.

Check in whenever you want...donate if you can. There's a great big DONATE button on my Just Giving page.

I'll be updating the page weekly

Thanks for reading and donating

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  1. Hi Big Chap

    You probably called it right on all fronts, yes this is crucial for your health but my health is important too, imaging cycling down hill in front of 20st on 2 wheels, now thats dangerous!!! No seriously I know it won't be easy but the trip will be awesome and hopefully worth all the effort, you know it makes sense Del Boy..

    Well done for committing to a "change of life" mission and keep me posted.