Friday, 24 February 2012

Week 4 (270 lbs) | Loss -2lbs | Total Loss -2lbs

Week 4 then and 2 lbs lighter. Not a sterling attempt, but at least it went in the right direction this week. I am slightly dissappointed with myself because I ate salads at work in the week - so it was "other times" that got me. Only got myself to blame.

I was at the gym Saturday, Monday and Thursday and cycled every day to work. I didn't do a bike ride last weekend...I could use thew excuse that I had DIY to do - and I did - but I had time, if I'd wanted, to fit a 10 mile ride in.

Going to the gym on Saturday knocked me out - I don't normally go to the gym on a weekend because I tend to have a wee drink on a Friday...but as I wasn't drinking, I woke up and thought I might as well go to the gym.

I have my gears to sort out on my bike, so I will be going out on it this weekend. They're the bane of my life! I've had nothing but trouble with them and not knowing the correct way to adjust them, it seems I tend to make them worse than better. But I've seen some videos on Youtube and I'll give them another look this weekend.

I hope for a better try next week with the weight - it's down to me - no-one else will do it - I know that.

Trouble is - I love exercising. Once I'm out on my bike or at the gym, I love's just actually getting there - I always have other things I like doing. And unfortunately, one of them is eating.

Anyway - -2lbs - I'll take it.

So lets try for 4lbs this week. Lets see what I can do if I actually really try.


  1. 2lbs is a start big man but you need to find the reason why your not getting the gains you deserve considering the amount of exercise?
    You should cut out bread altogether and see if that helps!!
    Keep going, plenty of time..

  2. I know why it is Davey - and it aint bread! Don't worry - it's in hand.

    Looking at getting a new bike - saw one called a Specialized 2012 Secteur Sport Triple. Tried it in the shop and it was well comfy. Also my problems with my shoulders - it seems apparent now it's because my bike is "too big".

    So watch this space.

    Just you make sure you book the time off. You won't get any excuses from me and I don't want to hear any from you! ;-)